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What To Do If Your Dog Gets Stung By A Bee

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Stung By A Bee

Dogs are curious creatures and accidents happen. If your pooch gets stung by a bee, it is important to make sure they don't have an allergic reaction. Our Poway emergency vets explain the signs.

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Been Stung By A Bee?

The most notable sign that your dog has been stung by a bee is excessive licking, pawing of a particular spot, swelling and drooling. If you hear your dog yelp while playing in a flower bush, it's a pretty safe bet that they've been stung by a bee.

The most common spots for bee stings on dogs include the pads of the feet, the mouth, and the face.

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Stung By A Bee

After a sting, keep an eye on your dog for signs that they might be having an allergic reaction. In the meantime, call your regular vet to let them know what happened and ask if they’d like you to bring your dog in.

Monitoring Your Dog For An Allergic Reaction

The first thing you want to do in this situation is monitor your dog for any signs that they might be having an allergic reaction. Dogs who have been stung before or who are stung by multiple bees at once time are more likely to have an allergic reaction.

If the site of the sting swells significantly it’s important to monitor your pet’s breathing, especially if it’s located on the neck or face. If you feel like your dog isn’t getting enough air or is starting to gasp or wheeze, take her to an emergency veterinary hospital in San Diego immediately.

If vomiting occurs within about 5-10 minutes after getting stung or you notice your dog's gums becoming increasingly paler, this could be a sign that your dog is experiencing anaphylactic shock. If your dog shows either of these symptoms, head to an emergency pet hopsital immediately.

Other concerning signs of an allergic reaction include significant drooling, agitation, or sudden aggression.

Making Your Dog More Comfortable

If after 30 minutes to an hour, your dog shows no signs of an allergic reaction, you can shift your focus to helping ease your dog's pain.

In this case, your veterinarian may have already recommended over-the-counter medications (antihistamines such as Benadryl) but be sure to use the recommended dosage for your dog.

For many dogs, the area where they got stung will be sensitive and puffy. If you can see the sting site and easily remove the stinger with tweezers, do so immediately to ease pain and prevent the venom from the stinger from spreading. 

Many dogs will start to feel like their normal self within a few hours of being stung and will often within a day or two act as if nothing happened. In the meantime, you can apply a dampened towel to the sting site to reduce inflammation and swelling.

If your dog has been stung by a bee and you are worried that they might be having an allergic reaction, contact our Poway emergency veterinarians right away then bring them in for urgent care.

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