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I have been here multiple times with my dogs. I have always been greeted by very nice receptionists. I have always been helped quickly both on the phone and in the clinic. The doctors and techs are compassionate, informative, and helpful. I have always been informed about recommended and sometime alternate treatment plans, and have been given accurate quotes before any treatments. They have very fair prices. I really feel that I can trust that my pets will be given the best care here. I am glad that I found this clinic.
- Crystal J.
Christmas chocolates...a gift for humans, not your canine friend...but Mr. Moose (our 62 pound pit bull) felt differently and managed to scarf these chocolates within a 45 minute time frame of being at the store.

How many chocolates did he eat? After doing the math quickly after our arrival back home, we thought 22...but no, it was actually 31!!! (Two FULL boxes of chocolates)

After discovering this awful realization, panic mode set in. We quickly loaded Moose in the car and rushed off to the first Emergency vet I saw when I googled it, Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a kind receptionist and filled out some paperwork and within 2 minutes Moose was scooped up and taken in the back to administer a live saving shot--one that made him vomit up all the chocolate he had ingested within the past hour--and vomit he did!!

The care was top notch (the vet and vet techs were awesome), the price was reasonable & it saved our Moosey's life, we're sure of it!! We couldn't thank them enough for their prompt and understanding care. THANK YOU!!!
- Audra H.
My husband and I brought our dog in late last Friday and everyone was so helpful and nice. We were hesitant about going to a vet we had never been to before but due to it being 12:30am when we needed to bring him him, it was our only option. A few minutes ago, I received a call from them and they asked how our dog was doing and I am so impressed by that! We are happy to say that our little guy is back to normal and that is primarily due to how helpful and informative everyone was.
- Caitlin A.
Friday night I needed an emergency vet for my Toy Fox Terrier due to ivermectin gel poisoning. Over several decades being in the San Diego area, I've needed an emergency vet on occasion and usually am dissatisfied. So, with some trepidation, I felt I was again in the shaky arena of finding competent, compassionate care on the fly. We were fortunate in finding the Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego to be such a supportive place. Dr. C. Gundersen and assistant were helpful, clear and competent in handling my dog. They gave me financial estimates along the way. They stabilized him with iv therapy, treated Bentley with charcoal and recommended I go on to UC Davis Specialty Vet Clinic for intralipid treatment which I did. Both clinics did an amazing job. Many thanks to your expertise and kindness, Kathy and Bentley
- Kathy B.
We took our dog here last night for an emergency visit. Her face swelled up with an allergic reaction. We called, were advised to bring her in immediately, and were seen within seconds of arrival. Everyone from the front desk staff to nursing to vet tech to veterinarian were very efficient, calming, and still focused and efficient. Our dog was treated and released within an hour, and quite possibly her life was saved last night. The cost is very reasonable also. I would recommend this place for any family who needs emergent health care for their nonverbal family members at any time of the day or night.
- Saima L.
After my dog developed a really bad allergic reaction I rushed him to our regular vet but they couldn't take him in till 9 so they told me to call animal emergency clinic. There was only 30mins left until they close but the worker on the phone was extremely nice and told me to get there as fast as possible for them to check on my boy. We arrived within minutes and they were already waiting for him. They immediately took him to check his vitals and the vet came out to explain what he was going to do and to ask questions as to what might have caused the hives. All the employees did an amazing job and were real sweet to my boy. Definitely calmed me down.
- Atziri M.
This specific doggy, B, is sweet but nervous with new people.. There was a wait as she was not critical which I known but worried about her. The vet tech and Dr. Gunderson was incredible with working with B. One of the best bed side manners I have seen at an ER hospital.
 The vet listen to me, talked and then she left. Someone came back with an estimate. I approved everything expect one item. They had no issue with that. Some place bark if you say no to something. I believe the care my dog received was good here.
I been to many animal emergency rooms in San Diego and a one outside of CA.. This place is very reasonable priced for a ER. If I need an pet ER again, this one of the very few that I would go back to again.
- John D.
My lovely dog recently had to be rushed here due to the fact that this is one of the few animal hospitals near our home that is open 24hrs a day, when my little brother rushed my dog here as soon as he arrived they confirmed to him that she had passed away before arriving to there hospital, my younger brother was alone, devestated, and unconsolable with the news that our baby fatty was no longer with us and he was the one who had to experience it basically alone at this hospital may I mention never in my life have I ever personally seen my brother so depressed and devestated for the loss of his dog, his campinon, his late night jogging buddy, his early morning breakfast campanion but most importantly his bestfriend when he arrived home he couldnt even explain what had happened he was in tears for days, but that very next morning he explained to me that she had passed away before arriving and that they let him grief alone in a room with our beloved fatty, the next day when I went in to see our dog with my loved ones and close friends they gave my 2 year son a teddy bear as he waited outside the room where my dog was for me to say my goodbyes to her there staff let me take my time say goodbye and grief in privacy I decided to do a privatw cremation and they made the process supper fast and easy and made me feel that she was being taken care of even after life in a proper way, so Thank you guys for the card I got the mail and the charm necklace you guys gave my little brother those little things made him feel so much better and me seeing him a little better made me see that you guys as a company truly care about the people, animals, and loved ones who step foot into your hospital, god bless your staff and all the good you guys do. Xo :)
- Michelle H.
Our cat had a flare up, the doctor took such good care of her. He was very knowledgable on her symptoms and what she needed. He really saved our cats life...could not be more satisfied with the care and treatment we received. They are open 24/7
- Prin C.
Dr. Wishnack and his staff are by far, the most compassionate, professional, and knowledgable veterinary clinic, we've ever visited. We've brought our cats and dogs to the clinic with a multitude of problems and they have always been given the most thorough and amazing treatment. Thank you, Dr. Wishnack and staff, for all you do!
- Jacqueline K.
Unfortunately I have had to take both my cat and dog here in the last year. My cat was 18, and in renal failure and everyone was very helpful and compassionate and we just recently brought My golden retriever of 12 years here. It took every test available to diagnose him. Pretty pricey, I recommend insurance!
Sadly our golden did not make it and we had him euthanized at home with Paws Into Grace.
So now we have a puppy... And we have a 2 year old toddler who played rough with our new puppy and hurt her leg. We rushed her here... This place is becoming way too familiar! It was a Friday night, pretty busy but we were seen pretty quick. The Dr checked her out and determined that we should wait and see. He didn't push an X-ray. He explained that the joints aren't totally sealed yet and there is flex etc. They sent us home with pain medicine after giving her an injection for pain and pup is all better. It wasn't too pricey... I think they have the lowest exam fee around for emergency clinics.

On a side note... We have been to the emergency ER 4 Pets in Carmel mountain and prefer to not ever return to ER 4 Pets. Save your pet and go here.
Brit C. 
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