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Pet Euthanasia

At Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego, you have the option of being with your pet when he or she is euthanized. We will first place an IV catheter in your pet's leg to facilitate the administration of two injections.

The first injection is a sedative which will make your pet sleepy; this is an anesthetic. The second injection is the euthanasia solution, which is an overdose of pentobarbital (also an anesthetic), and will stop the heart and brain activity. This literally takes seconds, and we find that this is the most humane and peaceful for your beloved pet.

Communal Cremation and Private Cremation

Our outside crematory service is Peaceful Paws. We offer two types of body care.
The first is a communal cremation, where multiple pets are cremated together and the ashes are scattered off the Oceanside pier. The second is a private cremation, where your pet is cremated in a separate partitioned area and you will receive your pet's ashes back in a cedar box with a name tag, a lock of fur, and a beautiful clay paw print of your beloved pet.

It typically takes 7-14 days to receive the ashes back at AEC, and we'll notify you by telephone when they come in. Pricing for euthanasia and body care is determined by the weight of your pet. You may call and talk to one of our technicians to receive an estimate based on weight.

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Free of Cost Special Keepsakes

At Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego, our staff hand strings our own "angel wing necklaces." We place one of these necklaces around the neck of each beloved pet being euthanized, with the belief it'll ensure a "peaceful passing." We then give it to the client in a special bag to take home for a special keepsake (these are free of charge).

We also give our clients a "euthanasia kit," which consists of reading materials on grieving for your pet, helping your children with the loss of a pet, and understanding what other pets in the household may go through with the loss of a companion.

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Empathetic Team to Help You

We understand euthanasia can be a very difficult decision, and we try to be as helpful as we can by informing our clients about the process and facilitating a decision that the client is comfortable with for their beloved family member. 
For details on the euthanasia solutions we offer for pets, call us at 858-748-7387 (PETS).
We took our dog here last night for an emergency visit. Her face swelled up with an allergic reaction. We called, were advised to bring her in immediately, and were seen within seconds of arrival. Everyone from the front desk staff to nursing to vet tech to veterinarian were very efficient, calming, and still focused and efficient. Our dog was treated and released within an hour, and quite possibly her life was saved last night. The cost is very reasonable also. I would recommend this place for any family who needs emergent health care for their nonverbal family members at any time of the day or night.
Saima L.
San Diego, CA

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