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    New Year Pet Safety Tips

    The end of another year is fast approaching, and many people like to celebrate to arrival of a fresh new chapter. While you may love New Year festivities, the same probably can’t be said for your pet. Much like other holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, the unpredictability of New Year can be very stressful for your precious pet.


    Whether you are going out on the town or staying home to see in the New Year quietly, there are a variety of hazards that could pose a risk to your pet. To help everyone in your home enjoy the end of year celebrations as much as possible, here are our top New Year pet safety tips.


    Keep your pet indoors

    The outside world is full of dangers at the best of times, and when your pet is anxious or scared, it is dark and there are lots of unusual sights and sounds, the threats to your pet’s safety can be even more serious. Many people like to enjoy fireworks to see in the New Year, but the vast majority of animals find the noise too much to bear. If you have a cat, we recommend that you get her in and keep her inside at least 24 hours before New Year festivities start – then you won’t be rushing around stressing about locating her. If you have a dog, take him for a long walk earlier in the day to expel any extra energy so that he doesn’t need to be let out at night. You can also purchase puppy toilet pads should he need to empty his bowels or bladder while he is indoors.

    Guard the front and back doors

    If you plan on having guests coming in and out, make sure that you have a system in place that prevents your furbaby from getting near the main entrance to your property. It takes just moments for a frightened pet to slip out and bolt off into the darkness, and if she does, she could be running straight into danger.

    Keep food and drink away from your pet

    Despite our desire to treat our furry friends, many human foods and beverages simply aren’t safe for animal consumption. Chocolate, candies, caffeine and alcohol are just some of the products that are commonly found during New Year parties but are highly toxic to animals. Wherever possible, we recommend keeping your pet secured in a room away from all party foods and drinks so that you don’t have to worry about unattended food and drinks poisoning her.

    Create her a safe haven

    Whether your house is packed with people or you are keeping things low key, it is still very valuable to create a safe haven for your pet to stay in for the duration of New Year festivities. This is somewhere where she is surrounded by her favorite things such as her bed, her preferred blanket or toys and away from as much of the noise as possible. Make sure she has something to eat and drink close at hand, and a litter tray/toilet spot should she need to ‘go’. Stay with her if you can, or if you are entertaining, check on her regularly and offer lots of love and reassurance.




    With a little planning and preparation, you can make this New Year’s Eve a safe celebration for everyone living in your home, including your pet. If you need further information or guidance, please contact our friendly and experienced Poway, CA team would will be delighted to offer their support.